Anna P Murray

Career history

November 2013 – Present day:

Teaching English at all levels from Basic Literacy to Upper Intermediate levels. Classes focus on all disciplines and students are mainly refugees and asylum seekers from many different countries and foreign students wishing to learn English. Classes are taught in the college and in the community.

May 2013 – August 2013
Employed by Westgate Corporation on 3 month contract to teach English (advanced level) to students in different disciplines at Kyoritsu Women’s Univerity, Tokyo, Japan                                                (Reference available on request)

October 2012 – March 2013

Teaching English to private clients in preparation for IELTS Examination.

December 2010 – July 2012;
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica:
Teaching English privately to small groups and individuals and running my own beach cafe business:

August 2010 – October 2010:
Rwaza primary and secondary school, Rwaza , Rwanda, AFRICA
Position:  English teacher Delivering Intensive English course to teaching staff and teaching primary and secondary school children.
Duties included:Designing course for primary and secondary school teachers ( intermediate level) to help them teach subjects in English (following change of official language in Rwanda from French to English ) Also, beginner level conversation and basic English grammar and pronunciation to all school ages using my own resources, pictures and games to stimulate wide range of primary and secondary school children in large classes.                  (Reference available on request)

July 2009 – December 2009:
Cardonald College, Mosspark Drive, Glasgow G52 3AY
Position: English teacher : Teaching Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Duties included:Teaching summer courses to adults at elementary and intermediate levels. The courses were based around Health and Healthcare and involved conversation,debate, grammar, reading and listening. The majority of the students were asylum seekers from a mix of many different countries. I also taught adult literacy and SQA units to students with learning difficulties.    (Reference available on request)

February 2008 – August 2008
MAYA SPA, Tulum, Yucatan, MEXICO;
Position English teacher:      Teaching health resort staff English (and spa reception duties.)
Duties included: Organising and designing English teaching programme for staff of 150 resort employees; administering placement tests and creating relevant English classes for each hotel department using own resources: teaching group classes (beginner to intermediate). Focus on conversation but also included grammar and written work.

(Reception duties included translating information from Spanish to English for hotel clients and employees; translating weddings from Spanish to English for guests who married at the hotel; etc. )          Click here for reference

August 2007 – January 2008
Position:  English teacher :    Teaching English to businessmen and students.
Duties included:  Teaching English in group and individual classes; using and guiding students through a computer based English language programme; organising group activities for students; teaching grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking at all levels; giving student placement exams; class scheduling.                            (Reference to follow)

August 2006 – January 2007
Position:  English teacher: Teaching English to students at the European Academy of languages.
Duties included: Teaching group classes at all levels of English from beginnerto advanced.  Classes concentrated on spoken English and conversation but also included all aspects of grammar and written work.  A coursebook was used and also my own resources.         (Reference to follow)

March 2006 – August 2006
UNITED NATIONS,   Parque Nacional Isla Del Coco, Costa Rica 

Position: English Teacher Organising / implementing Teaching English programme for Park Rangers on Cocos Island (World Natural Heritage site- UNESCO 1997).
Duties included: Individual and group classes from beginner to intermediate.   Living and working with the staff. Set classes and also activities for the students. Classes not confined to the classroom : students were taught English in the context of their daily island activities so that their English was related to their specific professional skills and expertise.  Click here for reference 1            Click here for reference 2

September 2005 – March 2006
Position :   English teacher:  Teaching English in private classes to businessmen throughout San Jose.
Duties included :   Travelling to different companies and teaching business executives in their company offices.   Teaching (at all levels from beginner to advanced), grammar, writing skills, speaking, reading and listening exercises. Focus mainly on Business English. Clients included The United nations and Kimberly Clarke.            Click here for reference

January 2005 – July 2005
CENTRO COLOMBO AMERICANO, Calle 25 No 4-40, Santa Marta, Colombia
Position: English Teacher  Location: Santa Marta Colombia:   Teaching English to students in Colombo Americano and final year law students in University of Santa Marta
Duties included: Teaching group and individual classses from beginner to advanced levels (including undergraduates). This involved the use of a coursebook and also using my own resources (games, music, debates etc). Classes included all aspects of the English language : grammar, listening, reading , writing, comprehension and conversational English.
Click here for reference

June 2004 – January 2005
WALL STREET INSTITUTE Orellana y 10 de Diciembre , Quito , Ecuador
Position: English Teacher/ Service Manager   Location: Baños, Ecuador:   Involved in setting up and development of new language school established in Baños in June 2004 and thereafter teaching and managing academic activities of school.
Duties included: Recruitment and organisation of initial student base. Planning and scheduling classes. Teaching students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, in group and individual classes. Using and guiding the students through a computer based English teaching program. Data entry and statistics management. Organizing school activities and outings.
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Feb 2004 – June 2004
WALL STREET INSTITUTE Orellana y 10 de Diciembre , Quito , Ecuador
Position: English Teacher/ Supervisor  Location: Lago Agrio, Ecuador:   Sole teacher responsible for supervising and teaching English to more than 90 adult workers employed at Slumberge Oil Company base in Lago Agrio, through classes/ tutorials and computer-based English teaching program.
Duties included: Planning and scheduling classes. Teaching and supervising adult learners at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Using and guiding the students through a computer based English teaching program. Data entry and statistics management.
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June 2003 – December 2003
PAN AMERICAN ENGLISH CENTER Avenida 16 julio No 1490, Avenida 7mo.Piso , La Paz, Bolivia.
Position: Academic coordinator / English Teacher
Duties included: Teaching group and individual classes (Beginner to Graduation) including grammar, listening, reading, vocabulary, writing, comprehension and conversation. Updating and improving examinations and coursebooks. Interviewing and hiring new teachers. Developing placement exams for new students. Organizing teachers’ workshops and in-service development. Dealing with student / teacher issues.               Click here for reference